Call for Papers

Accepted and presented papers will be submitted to IEEEXplore for final review and possible publication.



Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning - Fuzzy logic, Machine Learning, Statistical Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Deep Learning techniques, Advanced Deep learning Techniques, Ensemble Learning and Meta algorithms, Logic based artificial intelligence, Natural Language processing, Collective intelligence

Robotics and Automation-Mechatronics and Robotics, Robotics and its Applications, Soft Robots, RAP-Robotics process Automation, Ubiquitous Robots, Medical Robotics

Industry 4.0- Cyber physical Production system, Predictive Analytics for industry 4.0, Smart Factories, Smart Machines, Smart Toolings, Smart Logistics System, Green technologies for Industry 4.0

Blockchain-Smart Contracts, Blockchain Applications, Cryptocurrencies, Distributed Trust, Decentralized Internet Infrastructure, Decentralized Financial Services, Decentralized App Development,Transaction Monitoring and Analysis

IOT for social Change- Industrial IoT (IIoT), Cloud and IOT, Policies and Governance of IOT systems, Hardware Technologies and Software technologies, Applications, IOT to smart things, Smart healthcare, smart cities, Smart Governance, Smart Agriculture,  IOT and Big Data Analytics, New paradigm in sensor processing

SMAC for Innovation- Concept that the convergence of four technologies Social Mining,  Mobile Computing,  Analytics, Cloud computing for driving the innovation in business, Agriculture, Industries, Governance, healthcare informatics, environmental engineering.

Sustainable innovations in science and technology,

Security – System security, Information security, Applications security, Network security, Cyber security, Computer security, Ethical hacking, Digital forensics, Security management

Algorithms- Computing Architectures, Numerical Algorithm, Modeling and Simulation, Computational Mathematics, Probabilistic computation, Hybrid computational methods, Biologically-inspired Control Techniques, Adaptive techniques

Signal and Image Processing - Pattern recognition and Analysis, Image coding and compression, Face recognition, Visualization, Computer vision and UR, Analog signal processing, Audio/speech processing, Digital and mobile signal processing, Video signal processing, Communication signal processing, Image and video retrievals, Array signal processing, Text processing

Software Engineering - Formal methods in software engineering, Application software, Advanced Database technology and design, E-business, E-governments, E-learning, Software architectures, Domain driven design, Middle ware technology

Computing Trends - Parallel and Distributed computing, Ubiquitous computing, Semantic web computing, Multimedia computing, Cloud computing, Green computing, Mobile computing

Embedded systems- Interoperability of IoT embedded systems, Real-time operating systems for embedded systems, Power management in embedded systems, Energy harvesting in IoT embedded systems, Next generations embedded system

Wired and Wireless Communication - Microwave Communication, RF Design, Optical Communication, Satellite and Space Communication, Vehicular Communication, Airborne Vehicle Communication, Military Communication, Telemetry-Earth Station Systems and Technologies, Underwater Communication

Communication Theory- Communication Security, Coding Techniques for 3G, 4G and 5G, UWB Systems, Cryptography, Multi Carrier Modulation, Communication Strategies and Development

Communication Networks- Wireless Networks, Network Operations and Management, Spectrum Management, Network Architecture and Protocol, Switching, Sensor network

Radio Communication Technologies - RADAR Systems, Cognitive Radio, MIMO Systems, Electromagnetic Engineering, Antennas and Propagation

Control Science and Engineering- Adaptive control, Robust control , Process control, Complex systems ,Co-operative control, Identification and estimation, Intelligent systems, Discrete event systems, Hybrid systems, Networked control systems, Sensor network systems, Delay systems, Neural networks, Fuzzy systems, Control of biological systems, Precision motion control, Control applications, Industrial Control Electronics, Drives and Control, Linear & Nonlinear Control system

Networked Control Systems- Process Control & Instrumentation, Automation and Robotics Controls in Aerospace, Marine systems, Power System control, Sliding Mode Control


 The template for preparation of manuscript can be downloaded by clicking on manuscript template or Manuscript Templates for IEEE Conference Proceedings