paper upload steps


  1. Visit


  3. Always allow the POP-UP

  4. Click on Sign Up Now

  5. Fill all your details and SUBMIT the form.

  6. You will receive mail from ICAC3 for email verification.

  7. Create your Password and login.

  8. Profile page will be available with all your details.

  9. You can Edit Profile or submit paper Under My Paper.

  10. Click on My Paper and Upload Paper

  11. Under Upload Paper Give Paper Title and Select Track Area

    and Next.

  12. Select Specific Area (more than 1 choice is allowed) and Next.

  13. File can be doc, docx or Pdf (max size 5 Mb) and Submit

  14. Once done you can check Paper ID, Paper Title, Upload Time

    and Status of your Paper under My Paper.